Welcome to the Hendricks Family Website

This is dedicated to the decendents of Butler and Ollie Hendricks.     


Welcome to the Hendricks Family Website   

Following is a conversation Linda Johns had with Grannie (Ollie) during the summer of 1981.

Linda was asking Grannie about her Mother, Cynthia Langford.

Was she young when she married your Dad?

:  “I don’t know how old she was.  But she was a good looking woman.  Marie has a picture of her, and my Daddy, and of Alan and Mattie and all of us.  We went to Starke one time and had it made.  Roy was just a little old boy and my Daddy was holding him in his lap and I was a little ole tough thing, looked like a toad.  And Mattie she looked just…..had hair coming along about there you know.  They all made fun of me cause I had a big ole handkerchief in my hand.  They said they didn’t know why in the world she didn’t take that old handkerchief away, that big ole handkerchief.  I was sitting down, looked like I was swelled like a toad.”

Ollie was about 8 years old

Do you remember going to have your picture taken?

No, I don’t remember going.  But Alan, he was the oldest, he was standing up there.  He might have been about as big as Wayne is now.

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